Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tips on keeping your rendering crash free!

#1 keep your texture image or file small. Ever wonder why your rendering keep on crashing or freezes before it could ever complete? the size of the images used for the texture in your model do consume RAM during render, so its best to put your image file small below 500kb should be enough.

#2 show only necessary model or polygon before hitting the R button. keep your models and components in layers, and keep em organize so that it wont be a sore for your tired eyes. If you want to produce an exterior render, hide anything that isn't significantly important to be in the scene (ie; interior furniture)

#3 keep your model neat and delete any unnecessary components. Be smart people, your PC do really have a heart, if you give em lotsa crap and you will get lotsa time wasted rendering lotsa unnecessary crap too.

#4 lastly, there is always something that can be done to boost up your sketch up app. Its like a vitamin for your software(sketch up). a patch up utilities software that would boost your software RAM usage up to 4GB instead of until it reaches 2GB and crash. 4GB patch (use it at your own risk ).

if you guys got any other tips you can post it on the comment section below. I do really hope that the list will continue to grow

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