Wednesday, August 19, 2009

People Silhouette Template

here's some people silhouette that can be useful to be add to your presentation board, rendering image.


this a shape file using with Adobe Photoshop
you have to load it from photoshop's shape option section
heres how to load it:

go to the rectangular tools, click it for awhile until another small option bar come out and select custom shape tools, then you can load it:
see figure below



  1. hey thanks i just found your site i am archi student trying to learn vray and sketchup. just woundering how to use this poeple. what is the format. thanks for your water tuterial i didnt get it but it was a nice try.

  2. well we share what we learn.
    i think the format i to use in photoshop.havent tried it.
    and for the tutorials i used sketchup 6 and vray for sketchup 1.5
    make sure its the same version. or at least the option setting are almost the same

  3. Hi aufi, i'm an architecture student in nigeria, pls wat does it take to do masters in architecture using hnd in malasia


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