Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Common render settings

sometimes whenever there is a need to do a very fast 3d modeling and render, I usually use the same template(in this case the file that already completed with setting and ready to render).
open the file and create the new set of model inside the existing file, so the setting of previous render options still intact. Especially the lighting setting can be used all over again maybe with a little bit of touches (ie: lighting colour and so on).

I'll share my file(interior render) it might not be the best setting, but it gives a considerably good result... and I always use it as a template for my regular interior rendering, save the time to 'try and error' the setting and see the result that is desirable to me( cause my pc is not very fast).


its done on sketchup 7 with vray 1.48.xx version.
try it yourself, maybe you can come up with your version "template"
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